Sunday, November 13, 2011

App Crash in IOS 5.0.1

I updated my old iPhone 3GS over the air to IOS 5.0.1 two days ago and the experience was a cool one. This is the first time I could do something like that without needing to connect my phone to iTunes.

However, there were a few problems with the upgrade. I found out that my phone was slower, and applications are crashing more frequently. Applications like WhatsApp, or Facebook kept crashing seconds after I launched them, and thus rendered the phone useless.

I finally could not take it anymore and took it upon myself to find a solution to this. When I launched SystemLite, it showed that I only had only 3-4 MB of free RAM. Something is very weird here as I am supposed to have 256MB RAM for 3GS, and the numbers don't add up. I think there is some serious flaw in IOS memory management.

Anyway, by accident, I found a way to work around this issue. Apparently IOS gives more priority to its core app like Camera. Anytime I found my applications are crashing like crazy, all I need to do is to launch Camera, kill it and then I suddenly will have more than 100MB of RAM. And from that point on all the apps will be running fine. I have tested it on a few phones and a number of times, and it has worked like a charm. It even worked on older version of IOS.

The following is a series of steps to demonstrate how this works:

  1. Trying to launch my Facebook. The splash screen showed up but then it crashed within a few seconds.
  2. Launching SystemLite and it shows that I only have 3MB of RAM free.

  3. So I just launched the Camera app and it crashed too.

  4. But now when I opened up the SystemLite, the available memory suddenly becomes 115MB.
  5. And from this point on my Facebook works like a charm.


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  2. Download a free app from the store, it all works again.