Sunday, November 13, 2011

App Crash in IOS 5.0.1

I updated my old iPhone 3GS over the air to IOS 5.0.1 two days ago and the experience was a cool one. This is the first time I could do something like that without needing to connect my phone to iTunes.

However, there were a few problems with the upgrade. I found out that my phone was slower, and applications are crashing more frequently. Applications like WhatsApp, or Facebook kept crashing seconds after I launched them, and thus rendered the phone useless.

I finally could not take it anymore and took it upon myself to find a solution to this. When I launched SystemLite, it showed that I only had only 3-4 MB of free RAM. Something is very weird here as I am supposed to have 256MB RAM for 3GS, and the numbers don't add up. I think there is some serious flaw in IOS memory management.

Anyway, by accident, I found a way to work around this issue. Apparently IOS gives more priority to its core app like Camera. Anytime I found my applications are crashing like crazy, all I need to do is to launch Camera, kill it and then I suddenly will have more than 100MB of RAM. And from that point on all the apps will be running fine. I have tested it on a few phones and a number of times, and it has worked like a charm. It even worked on older version of IOS.

The following is a series of steps to demonstrate how this works:

  1. Trying to launch my Facebook. The splash screen showed up but then it crashed within a few seconds.
  2. Launching SystemLite and it shows that I only have 3MB of RAM free.

  3. So I just launched the Camera app and it crashed too.

  4. But now when I opened up the SystemLite, the available memory suddenly becomes 115MB.
  5. And from this point on my Facebook works like a charm.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Story of two grannies

This is a story of two grannies who had gone through similar hardship in life. I met them a while back and they both shared the following bad experiences:
  • Both of them were orphaned at a very young age, and both were adopted.
  • Both of them married an alcoholic, and had difficult marriages
  • Both of them had disrespectful and unfilial children
  • Both of them had kidney failure and had to go through painful dialysis
There could however be no bigger contrast in how they viewed life.
The first lady looked at life as a blessing and as she had gone through all the adversities when she was younger.

She felt that her life was never better and she was at a much better place now.

She was also a volunteer worker for an NGO helping the less fortunate ones.

The 2nd lady was however outrageous when we discussed her past. She blamed her sons and cursed her daughters in law. She was angry with God because he was unfair to her.

Although this lady was also part of the same NGO, she was not a volunteer but a patient suffering from clinical depression disorder.

What hit me the most was the stark difference in their facial expression and the vibes they sent out, although both suffered similar misfortunes in life.

As the first lady had let go of the distress and set herself free from the past, she left a peaceful and kind impression upon us. People like to be near her as she was very approachable and she carried herself with dignity and grace.

The depressed lady however still burried all her pain and burden from the past within her; she was very critical, aggressive and violent. People avoided her at all cost and she looked like a devil at times.

I sincerely had deep sympathy for her as she had gone through a hard life. However, she had to relive those painful but long gone miseries every day, and she was not willing to let go of those painful memories. With that, she was torturing herself daily with all the awful bygones.

Perhaps, there are just too many irreversible grief and regrets in life. Perhaps we feel so sorry for ourselves that we cry our lung out in those lonely nights. We damn the world, as this is such an insufferable hell.

But, we ought to know that we are the only one person who can release us from that living hell. No one else can help us.

There are just too many baggages in life, we can choose to carry them wherever we go, or we can choose to put them down gracefully and move on.

Whether or not we want to let go of these baggages can decide our future; it makes the difference of whether we continuously live a painful life, or turn over a new leaf and live in happiness.

The only way to end those bad dreams, is to wake up.

The only way to live happily, is to let go.

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This post has been translated from an article I read from Facebook. Please excuse my poor attempt in translating and if you would like to read the original post, you can get it here.

Waking up

In a world that's filled with troubled souls and pain, many asked Buddha what they could do to stop their worries and live a happy life.

Buddha invariably gave the same answer, "You will be free if you let go."

After sometimes, a smart man became disgruntled with the same answer, and decided to challenge him.

He went to Buddha and asked, "There are tens of millions of people in this world, each experiencing different problems and agonies. The solution you offered them has always been the same. Don't you think it's ridiculous to even imagine that your one way can solve all the problems in the world?"

Buddha calmly asked the man, "Do you dream when you sleep?"

"Of course!” said the man.

"Are your dreams always the same every night?” asked Buddha.

"Of course not!” the man answered.

"You have slept thousands of nights and you have had thousand of different dreams. But no matter how bad or good your dreams are, there is only one way to end them."

Buddha continued with smiles, "That is to wake up."

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This post has been translated from an article I read from Facebook. Please excuse my poor attempt in translating and if you would like to read the original post, you can get it here.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to create a consistent look and feel with Grails Layout ~ Grails Tutorial 3

So far we have created a controller and a view, and we have learned how to pass values from the controller to the view. Although we can now start improving the look and feel of the store with fancy HTML or CSS codes, but that means we would need to do that with every single gsp we create.

Would it not be great if we can create a template for all the pages in the application with the same header, the same menu, the same footer? That way we can always be assured of a consistent look and feel across the store.

The answer for this question lies in Grails Layout, and our objective in this session is to:
  1. Create a template that apply to all the different views in the application with Grails Layout
To have all the actions in our CatalogController share the same layout, we will need to create a layout file with the same name at /grails-app/views/layouts. Lets create the following file now then:
Again, grails' convention over configuration is put at work here. We don't have to write any XML files to wire the two together. Everything works just perfectly. Below is the code snippet for catalog.gsp:

 <head> <title> Camgear - <g:layoutTitle/></title>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="
   <g:createLinkTo dir='css' file='camgear.css' />
  " />
  <g:layoutHead />
  <div id="header">
   <img src="
    <g:createLinkTo dir='images' file='camgear-logo.gif' />
   " alt='logo' height='100'/>
   <hr />
  <g:layoutBody />
  <div id="footer">
   <a>All Rights Reserved</a>
Of course, we will still need to put the camgear.css file in the
folder. The following is a sample css file that I used:
body {
 font: "Helvetica Neue", Trebuchet MS, Verdana, Helvetica;
 margin: 0px;
#review sub {
 font-size: 2.5em;
 display: block;
 margin: .5em;
 padding: .5em;
 background: url(../images/background.png) repeat-x;
 border: 1px dotted black;
#review con   {
 font-size: 1.5em;
 margin-right: 2em;
#nav {
 margin-right: 1em;

#header {
  background: url(../images/logo-background.gif) repeat-x;
 padding: 0px;  
#header img {
 padding: 1em;
#footer {
  background: url(../images/background.png) repeat-x;
 padding: 0px;  

#footer a {
 font-size: 0.7em;
 display: block;
 color: white;
 font-family:"Lucida Handwriting", Verdana, Helvetica;

#menu {
 background: url(../images/logo-background.gif) repeat-x;
 padding: 5px; 
#menu li {
 display: inline;
 margin-left: 5px;
 margin-right: 5px;


#menu a {
 font-size: 1.5em;
 text-decoration: none;
 color: #4F82B5; // #14477A
Once all these are done, all we need to do is to refresh our browser, and we will see a totally different web page; I mean it feels as though technology has evolved for 10 years with just these two changes. We now have a standard header, standard footer and more importantly, a standard theme. Note that we have not done anything to the view we created yesterday.
So, that's all for today. We will talk about binding to the database tomorrow.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

How to present our views to the world - Grails Tutorial 2

In the first article of this series of grails tutorial, we created a first controller.

Well, the truth is we cannot bring our store online yet. There was only 1 controller and it is not quite my favorite camera store yet. Besides, the presentation of our store, err... kinda sucks.

On top of that, we basically embedded the HTML in our codes, which is one of the most horrendous things any programmer can do. Unless I want to overtake Billo as the worst programmer of all time, we got some serious work to do.

So, meet Groovy Server Pages (gsp) - the grails solution to move the presentation logic out so that some artistic designers can work on them, and I can focus on coding the backend logic. Now, we all know that the infamous Convention over Configuration philosophy behind grails, and if we put the right file in the right place, everything will work out just fine.

And, and, and..... there is no configuration needed!!! Yay!

OK... lets focus on our objective today:

  1. Passing some values from the Controller to gsp,

We will talk about layout, data model and persisting data in some form of database in the following sessions.

Alright, first thing first, instead of rending HTML codes from the controller, we now do 1 step better; we keep some values here and pass them to the gsp for display. So, lets change our little controller like so:

def catalog = {
     def staticBrand = "Nikon"
     def staticModel = "D3S"
     def staticReview = "D3S is the best pro DSLR ever!"
     def staticReviewer = "JC Tai"
     def staticRating = 5

      brand : staticBrand, 
      model : staticModel, 
      review : staticReview, 
      reviewer: staticReviewer, 
      rating : staticRating


Notice the square bracket? That's how the controller passes information to the gsp. Now, because of the convention over configuration philosophy, we do not need to create any configuration so long as we create the view here:


It is time now to write our view. Since my web designer is on leave today, I created the view by myself; and boy! This has already pushed my creativity ability to the limit! Lets see how it looks like:


  <TITLE>Camera Gears Review & Catalog</TITLE>
  Brand: ${brand} <br />
  Model: ${model} <br />
  Review: ${review} <br />
  Reviewer: ${reviewer} <br />
  Rating: ${rating} stars <br />  


Once we do that, grails automatically wires the controller and the view together. Not a line of XML has been written! Amazing! Now lets point our browser to


and voilà!

If we are talking about cleaner codes, can any code be cleaner than this? Haha... joke aside. In just a few lines of code, we have managed to create a web application that is retrieving information from the controller, and yes, we have not done anything on database yet, but the simplicity of grails just blows me away!

OK, lets review what we have done so far:
  1. We have created a controller.
  2. We rendered HTML from the controller
  3. We stored some static values in the controller
  4. We retrieved these values from the controller and passed them to the gsp
  5. We have a VERY CLEAN web site running in just a few lines of code!
OK, so far so good. Next time, we will talk about a consistent layout for the entire web site. Stay tuned!
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creating our first controller in grails - Grails Tutorial 1

A few months ago I wrote an article about how grails makes it possible to write a quick application in 3 minutes. I knew I should have followed up with more stuff but works caught up and I procrastinated. I know, my bad, my bad...

Anyway, I am about to write a series of grails tutorial. Hopefully it can encourage more people to adopt this wonderful framework.

I love photography, and all the camera gears. So, lets base our tutorial with an online portal of camera products for browsing. Hopefully we can evolve this to something more substantial along the way.

OK, some fundamental first. The grails framework has been designed based on the MVC framework; and those who have developed in Spring Framework will find Grails a refreshing platform for rapid application development.

MVC Concept - The solid lines are direct association and the dashed one are indirect association.

So with that, we can start building our online camera catalog, and we are going to call our project Camgears. So lets create our first project with a simple command line:

grails create-app camgear

We will then see a bunch of activities happening in front of us. Once it's done, we will be able to start our application. The first thing that we need to do is to create a controller. Controller is the engine behind every grails application and they do the following few things very well:

  1. They receive user inputs from the web browser
  2. They invoke the necessary business objects to get things done
  3. They can also access your data model to retrieve information from your database
  4. And at the end they redirect the application to the appropriate pages for the end result to be displayed.

So with that understanding, lets start generating our first controller. First lets change to the proper directory:
cd camgear

Then we will generate the controller by issuing:
grails create-controller catalog

After this, grails actually create a the skeleton of the controller at /grails-app/controllers/CatalogController.groovy. The following is how the file looks like:

package camgear

class CatalogController {

    def index = {


It looks pretty simple right now. But note that grails has actually created a simple index action for us. Lets say we really want the users to be automatically be routed to the catalog every time they visit our site, we can do the following:

package camgear

class CatalogController {

    def index = {
     redirect( action: catalog )
    def catalog = {
     render "<h1> Welcome to our store </h1> <br>Under construction."

Lets try to see if this works. Grails comes with a handy web server, and even in memory database (more to that later). To execute this, all we need to do is to run the following command:

grails run-app

And when everything is ready, point your web browser to:

And you will see a nice web page with all the dirty work that grails has done for you. You can even see that the camgear.CatalogController has already been defined for you:

Now, lets click at the camgear.CatalogController and see what happens:

Something cool happens if you type the following URL:


The page automatically gets redirected to


because of this code:

    def index = {

     redirect( action: catalog )


Pretty neat huh? We only wrote a few commands and with only a few lines of codes, our first application is already up. That took less than 5 minutes.

I know, I know... some of you are going to complain about embedding HTML codes into the controller, which is a horrible idea. But we are going to make changes to this later in View and Layout.

Stay tuned.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why is my iPhone getting insanely hot (literally)?

My iPhone is by far the best phone I have ever used; it is like a million times better than the other supposedly smart phone it replaced. I could acquire knowledge so much faster and better now that I feel like being a living proof of Bill Gates' infamous speech in 1990 - Information at your fingertips, although in a totally different context 20 years later.

Having said that, there have been a few times when my iPhone just got insanely hot, and then the battery was draining so fast that I thought there was an electronic vampire sucking the battery juice out of the phone. While I normally can manage probably 15 hours of usage a day (I am a heavy user who is constantly on the phone). On these few occasions the battery was flat within 2 - 3 hours without any significant changes in the pattern how the phone was used.

Now, if you are having/or have encountered similar problem, then this article is for you.

First thing first, iPhone is made up of 2 major components, the Hardware and the Software. A hot iPhone can be the result of the malfunction of either one of these components. The following steps help you to isolate the root cause of the problem and subsequently get it fixed.

We are talking about prolonged period of heat with abnormal battery drainage here. If you are experiencing the heat for only a few minutes, then perhaps you can wait for a while to see if the problem persists. If true, then the following steps may help you.

Is this a hardware problem?

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click General

  3. Click Usage

You should see something like this at the end of the steps. Now if there is a significantly big gap between usage time and standby time, and your phone is hot, it is probably a hardware failure. You can follow this link to check if there is a water damage to the phone, and the best way to fix this hardware issue is to return the phone to the service provider you got your iphone from and swap for a new one if it's still under warranty.

If you have gone so far, then this is probably a fixable software issue. Put it simply, the iPhone is so hot because it's been working overtime to get something done. The following are the common culprits that may cause the iPhone to work in the background:

  1. Push Mail

  2. Ping - IOS 4.3 and above

  3. Applications running in the background

  4. Notification Settings

  5. Others

From my own experience, the phone gets really hot usually when I am on my 3G data network, and the battery drainage also happens considerably faster as compared to when I am on EDGE or Wifi. The following are a few things that could help to solve this problem:

  1. Push Mail

    iPhone would push mail from the server automatically for you so you don't have to. However, when the data signal is weak, iPhone would keep on trying to establish connections with the server for the push mail to happen. This as a result can cause battery drain, as well as pushing the temperature up for the phone.The following are steps to temporarily turn this off, and you can turn it back on when situation improves.

    1. Go to Settings

    2. Mail, Contacts, Calendars

    3. Fetch New Data

    4. Turn push to OFF

    5. Set Fetch to Manually

  2. Ping

  3. Put simply, Ping is Apple's attempt to turn iTune into a social network such as Facebook, or Twitter. Basically, users can see what their friends purchased, liked, and what concerts their friends are going, etc. Now, I don't need this service, and it's sucking the battery life of my phone, so it gotta go!

    To turn this off, do the following:

    1. Go to settings

    2. General

    3. Restrictions

    4. At this point, you may be asked to enter your password if you have enabled it before. Otherwise, IOS will ask you to create a new password to enable it.

    5. Turn PING to OFF

  4. Notification Settings

  5. Some of the applications may try to access the data network to pull for new notifications. Social network applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc constantly go online to check if there is any new updates. Usually this would not be a problem, but if your battery is draining like crazy, turn off all the notifications temporarily to see if things improve.

  6. Applications running in the background

  7. Simply kill all running applications in the background to see if things improve.

  8. Others

  9. Address below.

Now, if you have done all the above, and things don't get better, there are still three things that you can do. But please do a full backup before you perform any of the following steps:

  • Check if you have the latest firmware. This can be done by simply connecting your phone to the computer, and launch iTune. Click Check For Update. Update the firmware if there is a new version. I have fixed mine once using this approach.

  • If the above still fails, perform a RESET on the phone. Note: performing this steps WILL NOT erase your personal contents such as email, sms, or contact information. Similar steps are documented here.

  • Only do this if you have absolutely no choice. If you have taken all the above measures and still having this problem, then you may want to do a DFU restore. Before doing this, please make sure you have a FULL BACKUP first because the phone will be completely wiped out! So far I have managed to solve all my battery drainage problems without having to do this. You can follow the instruction at this link here to perform this restore.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

iPhone Date & Time - Automatic Setting Went Wrong

I occasionally go to Thailand for business trip, in the past I usually had to adjust the clock on my phone to reflect the local time (Thailand is one hour behind Malaysia), and adjusted it again when I am back to Kuala Lumpur.

I still remember the very first time I went to Thailand after I got my brand new iPhone. Shortly after my phone was connected to the roaming network, I noticed the time was set back 1 hour. At first I was pleasantly surprised and at the same time skeptical about this, as I thought I had accidentally set the time without remembering it. But when I checked at my wife's phone (she does not have such habit) it was automatically set to the local time as well!

Being a curious guy, I checked all the setting and found out that iPhone had the ability to automatically set the date and time for me. This is really cool!

When I returned to KL on that trip, I made a mental note to observe if the phone was really so smart and would change the time back to the Malaysian time. And it did!

WOW! This is a a real smart phone! And this feature added to another one of my favorite things about the phone.

Shortly after I upgraded to IOS 4.3.2, I went to Bangkok again for another business trip. The time was changed to local time automatically. All went well and when I returned to KL, and to my horror, the time was still one hour behind! The funny thing was that when I disabled Set Time Automatically, the clock shows KL time again without me having to manually adjust for it.

So I left it as it was. But deep down I was not happy knowing that one of the features in my favorite phone was not working perfectly anymore.

Some of the my friends may remember that I had some real issue with my phone after the upgrades to IOS 4.3.2. Apps were crashing, and phone was getting really dysfunctional.

Before upgrading to IOS 4.3.3, one of the things I did was to reset all settings on my phone. After the reset, I went to the time & date setting to see if this was also reset - and it did. It was reset back to Set Automatically. And you know what? The time is now correctly set.

I guess IOS somehow cached the Thai timezone in its setting somewhere and did not release this.

For those of you who are having this problem, follow the following steps to reset your phone. These steps WILL NOT ERASE your contact information, SMS, EMAILS, etc. You do however need to key in the wireless WEP keys again, and all the remembered networks will be forgotten.

1. Click Settings
2. Scroll down and click General
3. Scroll to the very bottom and select Reset
4. Select RESET All Settings

Oh by the way, my friend Rachel also had an issue with her WhatsApp not being able to connect to the WIFI network on her iPhone. After this steps, the problem was resolved.

Good luck!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to stop iTunes and iPhoto from launching unnecessarily

I love my Macbook. I also love my iPhone.

But I hate it when my iPhone connects to my MacBook. For no apparent reasons - Apple thinks that automatically launching iTunes and iPhoto for me would make my life better.

Well, no, it does not! In fact, it annoys the hell out of me. Imagine your car manufacturer decides to start the engine, the massager chair, the radio and the GPS automatically every time you open the door of your vehicle, regardless of the fact that you are only trying to retrieve a document from the car.

So automation does not just make the system smarter. Sometimes it makes it dumber. And the fact that I always have to close whatever that's opened by Snow Leopard just a few seconds later proves the point.

So, if you are as paranoid as me (admit it), and only want your system to act at your command, the following tips might help.

First to stop iTunes from automatically popping up:

1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac
2. Start iTune (oops, I forgot, Apples starts it automatically for you at this point, DUH!)
3. Click at the phone under devices
4. At the summary page of the phone, scroll down to the Options.
5. Uncheck Open iTunes when this phone is connected.

You are done.

So that got rid of half of the annoyance. Now, lets work on the iPhoto part.
1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac
2. Click at spotlight
3. Type Image Capture
4. Select your iPhone under Device
5. Select "No Application" under Connecting this iPhone opens


And now I am a happy camper! :D

App Crash after IOS 4.3.2

I have been experiencing lots of issues with my iPhone ever since I upgraded to IOS 4.3.2. I mean the app just crashed for no particular reason, and that really annoyed me. It was not only the third party apps that crashed on me, core iPhone applications such as App Store and Safari were also crashing on me.

So I did a check on Google and found out that I was not suffering alone; and a lot of iPhone users who upgraded also suffered the same fate. So I followed the instruction to first reset my network setting, then erase all contents and subsequently restore from iTunes, to hard reset. The phone would work fine for a while and then the apps would just crash again like before.

When the release of IOS 4.3.3 was available on May 4, I was ecstatic that my misery was soon going to end. Did a sync on my iTunes (learned my lesson), and then proceeded to upgrade my phone.

IOS 4.3.3 definitely made the phone more stable, but after a while, apps started crashing again. I could not understand why and finally I thought I should be looking what's going on under the hood myself! So I fired up SYSTEM Lite and found out that I only had 4MB of RAM free! So that's the problem!

A quick switch to process mode and then I found out - for some weird reason, although some of the apps are not showing in my springboard, they were actually running in the background thus consuming those precious precious memory! Launching those running apps in the background and then subsequently killing them freed the much needed memory for me, and boy, my phone was running like new again!

So the bottom line is, if you are on 4.3.2 and cursing your phone as I did, upgrade to 4.3.3. And if you are on 4.3.3 and still suffering the same problem, install SYSTEM Lite (it's free) from iTune and find out what's going on behind the scene. For some reasons some apps were just running by itself (probably due to my pushed notification setting). Terminating some of the unneeded apps would gives you the most precious resources in all computing world - the RAM!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011








後來不曉得哪位英雄提出要搞一個20年畢業聚會,而且要把它搞大。大家馬上就接受了這個好主意。剛開始時,也只是說說而已,大家也不太認真。當時間越來約靠近時,大家慢慢便活躍起來了。同學們都自動自發的參與:有的要做主持人,攝影師,財政,查賬,安排流程。有的到處去找失散了的同學的通訊方法,有的照著通訊錄一個個的通知,有的找場地,有的報效,有的樂捐。每個同學為了這難得的聚會,都自動自發的不計回報的付出。淑慧與嘉娣還邀請了我們高三時的班主任,Mr. Goh.



到達了場地之後,有好幾位同學已經到了。緊接著,同學們一位一位的出現了。大家就好像從來沒有分別過的樣子,握手,問候,擁抱,胡扯。之間的互動,是故友式的, 大家都開著只有摯友才能開的玩笑。原本一點點的隔閡,也漸漸的融化了。當我們重播同樂會影片時,雖然音響效果極差,大家還是很興奮的看完,細細的重溫著我們年輕的瘋狂。





Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Together once more

It has been 20 years since we graduated from high school, and most of us have not crossed paths ever since we left school on that fated last day. We ventured into different direction of life with the same degree of enthusiasms, ambitions and confusions. As we bid farewell to each other we armed ourselves with the imaginary invincibility, believing that the world is our oyster.

Then some of us further studied, became professionals, built businesses, started family, or just merely gained weight.

And just like that, 20 years came to pass as if a stone has been dropped into the quiet water, vanished with only the ripples to remind us of its once proud significance.

For me, there is always a little fainted voice in my heart that reminded me of my root, and of my dearest friends and comrades with whom I sit, fought, danced, sang, cried and laughed. Sometimes the little voice became louder, sometimes mute, but it has always been there.

One day last March, the little voice became just a little too irrefutable. So I searched for our class and year in Facebook, not hoping for any result. To my surprise, few of our classmates have set up a page with pictures from their gathering last year. I immediately requested to join the group, not expecting them to remember me.

Instead, they welcomed me with open arms, and I soon added them to my list of friends. I have also recommended a few classmates whom I still have the privilege of keeping in touch with to join the group. The group grew slowly but steadily.

Then someone suggested that we should have a BIG reunion for our 20 years anniversary. The idea was immediately approved of. I guessed, just like me, deep down everyone must have the same little voice.

For a while nothing was being done, and as the deadline was closing in, the momentum was suddenly getting intense. Everyone was volunteering to take part in the organization. Some offered to be the MC, the photographer, the treasurer, the shopper and the list went on. Friends started scouting for suitable places, searching for long lost classmates, compiling phone book, calling everyone on the phone book, and all sort of activities just blossomed like wild mushrooms after the rain. We even invited our form teacher, Mr. Goh, to join us.

Fast forward to the event itself. We started our journey to Batu Pahat after having lunch with Crystal's cousins. It took us a little more than 4 hours to reach our destinations due to the heavy Chinese New Year traffic. Despite the long journey, my wife and I were both in good spirits and were hoping to see old friends again.

And then one by one, they showed up. As if we have not parted at all, we started shaking hands, hugging, joking, laughing and drinking the way that only closed friends could. We simply picked up from where we left off.

Although we prepared some activities and games to get everyone warm-up, they were all redundant. All of us were zoomed in when the video was playing, giggling, laughing and poking each other, and the dusted memories became clear once again.

What touched me was not only the fact that the programs we prepared were amazing (well they were alright), or how everyone chipped in to help, or how everyone showed up despite challenges in their work or with family members. On top of all these, what really touched my heart, when the dusts eventually settled, was that although we have spent the last 20 years apart, we were given a chance to renew our friendship. I now realize that although sometimes I felt abandoned and lonely struggling in the cold, cruel corporate world, our friendship is still how it was 20 years ago, untouched, protected, treasured and now growing.

It is rare and fortunate to have friends like that. I had an accident prior to the reunion dinner and immediately they were offering all sort of helps, without me even asking for them. If these actions do not represent their genuine and caring friendship, I have no idea what does.

To my dearest friends and comrades, you have my deepest gratitudes for your everlasting friendship. Thank you for giving meaning to the little voice in my head, and thank you for making the effort to be with us.

Most important of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be together once more.