Saturday, May 7, 2011

App Crash after IOS 4.3.2

I have been experiencing lots of issues with my iPhone ever since I upgraded to IOS 4.3.2. I mean the app just crashed for no particular reason, and that really annoyed me. It was not only the third party apps that crashed on me, core iPhone applications such as App Store and Safari were also crashing on me.

So I did a check on Google and found out that I was not suffering alone; and a lot of iPhone users who upgraded also suffered the same fate. So I followed the instruction to first reset my network setting, then erase all contents and subsequently restore from iTunes, to hard reset. The phone would work fine for a while and then the apps would just crash again like before.

When the release of IOS 4.3.3 was available on May 4, I was ecstatic that my misery was soon going to end. Did a sync on my iTunes (learned my lesson), and then proceeded to upgrade my phone.

IOS 4.3.3 definitely made the phone more stable, but after a while, apps started crashing again. I could not understand why and finally I thought I should be looking what's going on under the hood myself! So I fired up SYSTEM Lite and found out that I only had 4MB of RAM free! So that's the problem!

A quick switch to process mode and then I found out - for some weird reason, although some of the apps are not showing in my springboard, they were actually running in the background thus consuming those precious precious memory! Launching those running apps in the background and then subsequently killing them freed the much needed memory for me, and boy, my phone was running like new again!

So the bottom line is, if you are on 4.3.2 and cursing your phone as I did, upgrade to 4.3.3. And if you are on 4.3.3 and still suffering the same problem, install SYSTEM Lite (it's free) from iTune and find out what's going on behind the scene. For some reasons some apps were just running by itself (probably due to my pushed notification setting). Terminating some of the unneeded apps would gives you the most precious resources in all computing world - the RAM!

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